1. Talk to Mentors that are Experts in their fields.

Mentors are people who want to be the catalyst for transformation in the lives of others. They come from many different backgrounds, but they are unified by one common goal: to give others a hand up. Addiction Mentor offers outside the box recovery. Our mentoring program is an innovative approach to help those who are struggling with addiction, those who are in recovery, their family and friends.

Whether you are recovering from alcoholism, drug abuse, sex/love addiction, eating disorders, codependency, or smoking - or you just want a life coach - there's a mentor who can offer you the ongoing support and guidance you need. And, Addiction Mentor isn't just for addiction recovery. We also offer lessons and seminars on topics like job hunting, changing careers, and learning new hobbies

2. Become a Mentor for someone.

A Mentor is more than just a life coach, a Mentor changes lives. It's easy and rewarding to share your experience and skills and help turn people's lives around. You will build a brand as a Mentor, earn extra income, and help others succeed in life... just like you. There are no s pecific requirements to become a Mentor. When you sign up for mentoring, you create a profile. Potential Mentees have the ability to search profiles and select the Mentor they feel is the best fit for them.

Start your own private practice at a fraction of the cost. With Addiction Mentor, you CAN have a private practice without all of the hassles of office rental, billing, payroll, and employee management. Build your brand and clientele on the Addiction Mentor website - it's free to create a profile! And the best part? We take only a small fee per transaction.

3. Connect to a Networks that Cares.

We created this site to give recovering addicts the chance to deal with their addiction in a convenient, outside-the-box way. You decide WHOM you want to work with. You decide WHEN you want to work with them. And you decide HOW frequently you want to interact with your Mentor. Truly a novel idea in recovery.

Not wanting to limit the help available on this site, we decided to open Addiction Mentor to non-addicts as well. Family members of addicts or just everyday people seeking guidance have the opportunity to learn from our Mentors. Whether you are interested in opening a business or you just want to Female Male learn more about interior decorating, there is a Mentor who can help you get started.

A digital revolution in recovery that the world has been waiting for...

Addiction Mentor - Recovery... outside the box.